Fetish, Fantasy & Domination - Bournemouth & Dorset

The Art of SPANKING (Inc Paddling, Caning & Slippering)

Possible Positions for Spanking

- Over the knees (OTK) or over the lap
- Lying face down
- Stooped over the back of a chair
- Bending over, hands on knees
- Diaper position (Supine-Genital Exposure to enhance Humiliation
- Bent over a side or back o a of a bed, bench, or over a stool
- bent over hand on floor
- bent over under arm of spanker
- spanking stool
- on all floors
- Any position that presents the cheeks for spanking

Mistress is the Queen of Spank.
Sought after across the South she has provided a number of spanking sessions at Private Parties aswell as entertaining those requiring discipline and training in our developing Fun Rooms.